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Boardingscool offers your family an inspiring team of surf & skate mentors for your kids.  See who is on board:

Bruce Bailey - Founder, team Manager, Surf & Skate coach

Bruce discovered his passion for surfing when his brother Java pushed him into his first waves in 1991. The rest is history. He began working at Flying Point Surf when he was just 14 and then started surfing competitively at 15. His talent for the sport showed—he became #1 rated surfer in NY, #5 in the northeast and #22 in the entire US. Sponsorships from RipCurl, Oakley and Ezera quickly followed. Bruce has dedicated his life to traveling the world for waves. From Hawai’i to Indonesia, to South Africa and Morocco. Now, he wants to share his talent and passion for surfing, skating, and more with the world through boardingscool, cuz boarding is cool!

Kiera Rumbough - CEO* , marketing team

Kiera Rumbough is our resident marine biologist. She is a recent graduate from University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and Biology and a minor in ecosystem science and policy. Kiera is leading the way in our environmental efforts, striving for more sustainable practices and more ways to align with philanthropic organizations. She is an avid free diver, scuba diver, and surfer who enjoys pushing herself to acquire new skills. When the waves are a bit too gnarly, she enjoys capturing photos of some of montauks finest surfers from the safety of land (halfway up an eroding 60 foot cliff with shark infested waters below).

CEO* = Chief Environmental Officer

Pavlos Sakoglou - Tech Manager, Pro Kayak & Paddle Coach

Pavlos is a Greek-national software engineer, former pro racing kayaking athlete, and a martial artist. He was in Greek Olympic Team for racing kayaking in 2008-2009 and he served in Greek Special Forces in 2010. Like your typical summer-born Greek, he loves the ocean, water sports, and sharing his passion for good food and music.

Alex Kilgore - Surf Coach

Musician, rad dad, surf coach—Alex Kilgore started surfing at the ripe young age of 33. Now slightly older than that, Alex enjoys sharing his new-found passion in the form of surf lessons. In the last 4 years he has toured the world twice with his band Surfbort who were the face of Gucci’s 2019 Fall Preview. Surfbort has played events all over the world including Coachella, Desert Daze, and Vans Duct Tape Invitational. Alex loves the ocean, surfing, and kids (especially his adorable 2 year old daughter Panther). His favorite beach is Napeague lane, but will sometimes venture beyond his beloved home break with some convincing. Better to just meet him there.

Christian Pena - SURF & SKate COACH​

Christian is an East Hampton local who has been shredding up the Montauk waves and skate parks since grade school. Fast forward and he still enjoys both sports so much that he’ll brave the winter cold to keep going all year long. He is currently in training to become a certified ocean lifeguard and is excited to pass on his passions to the next generation of shredders, including his 3 year old son Austin.

Sky Minardi- SURF & Skate COACH

Sky first began surfing when he was just 10 years old (with our very own founder, Bruce!). In 2018, the Minardi family relocated from the hamptons to the mountains, where Sky transitioned from skiing to snowboarding. Once he had surfing and snowboarding down, skating seemed to perfectly compliment his other two passions. Sky has spent his past summer’s lifeguarding and surfing, but this summer we are super stoked to have him on board as both a surf and skate instructor!

Rachel from team boardingscool

Rachel - Skate & Surf coach, CD*

Rachel realized her love of snowboarding at the age of 10 after finding a beat up nitro board on the side of the road and shredding down local sledding hills. Skateboarding followed soon after and then surfing on her first trip to Cocoa Beach, FL in her teens. As an AASI certified snowboard instructor, skate and surf coach, Rachel shares her passion with learners of all ages. She also leads the team in creative ventures as *CD, managing the clothing line, developing graphics, animations and all things artsy and aesthetic.

*CD = Creative Director

Avery Charron

Avery Charron - Surf coach

Avery Charron was born into the beach lifestyle. His grandpa Ray, art gallery owner and avid surfer, opened the first surf shop in Montauk named "He'e nalu" in the early 70s. His father Jay is also a lifelong surfer who has dedicated himself to public service as an active marine patrol officer for the town of East Hampton and volunteer fireman for the Springs fire department. Avery learned that "patience is the key to surfing" along with many other lessons about the ocean from his father. Lifeguard certified since age 16, Avery has been spending his summers as an ocean lifeguard for the village of East Hampton. His winters are spend in the heavy Hawaiian waters of Kauai where he receives his most serious training as a waterman. He enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge of the ocean with the younger generation.

Allegra Rumbough - Assistant skate & surf Coach, marketing team, photographer

Inspired by Avril Lavinge, Allegra became a sk8r girl back in the good old days of middle school and picked up surfing in high school with the help of our handy dandy Bruce Bailey. As an avid ocean lover and traveler, she got her advanced scuba certification when she was just 16 years old and has gone diving all around the globe. With a bachelors in earth and environmental science and a masters in science education, she is passionate about our planet and working with kids. Having fun is her #1 priority (other than safety, which is why she is adult/pediatric CPR/First Aid certified!). She also has a love for photography and runs boardingscool’s social media.

Ashley Koral - surf & skate Coach

As the oldest of 5 kids, Ashley is a natural teacher and caretaker. He grew up in the Hamptons, surfing the Bridge Hampton beach breaks and became a regular at Lola skatepark where he first met Bruce. Since then he has accumulated over 20 years of surf and skate experience. Ashley has a passion for learning about the cultures he encounters and the people he meets as he travels to remote locations to surf some of the worlds best waves.

Harley Thompson - Surf coordinator & coach

Harley was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii (AKA surfers paradise). Growing up in a surfing family that was all about being in the water, he swam and surfed competitively throughout elementary, middle and high school. While taking a hiatus from surfing to attend college in Washington, Harley discovered a love of teaching and music, which lead him to his roles as a swim coach, guitar teacher and substitute teacher at Brooklyn Friends School. Harley has a deep knowledge of surfing and loves sharing his stoke with his students, and with his recent certification as an ocean lifeguard here in the Hamptons, he’s an ideal surf coach for kids, adult beginners, and intermediate surfers alike.

Zed Albertini - SURF COACH

Zed was first inspired to surf after watching his dad shred. He wanted to learn so bad that he began learning in the middle of winter (Brrr!). Zed began skating around the same time with his friends, pushing each other to see who could be the best. Since then, Zed has been an East Hampton Lifeguard for 4 years. We feel super lucky to have such an experienced ocean swimmer/lover on our team!

Patrick ChIsHolm - PRo SKATE COACH

Patrick began skating at the ripe age of 9. Since then he has gone on to mentor young skateboarders and win countless competitions, and if you saw him skate you’d see why. Patrick totally shreds. His favorite tricks are back 360s and backside flips. Don’t know what those are? Book a lesson with Patrick to find out!

LEO Turpan - Surf Coach

Leo is an East Hampton local whose love of travel, surf, and yoga has taken him all over the world; from studying yoga in India to winters surfing in California and Costa Rica. Leo considers East Hampton, and Wiborg beach especially, his home and retreat for the summer months. He is stoked to share his skills and knowledge both in the water & on the mat!


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